Asser Yassin, Eyad Nassar and Dhafer L’Abidine Are up to Something and We’re Dying to Find Out

Via Instagram

Being the social media gurus that we are, Instagram is part of our daily routine; even if it’s Friday and we’re not at the office. As we were casually scrolling down our newsfeed, we couldn’t help but notice three of our favorite Arab celebrities’ recent posts. It was like the universe decided that Asser Yassin, Eyad Nassar, and Dhafer L’Abidine would post something at the exact same time. Well, coincidences happen, but we have a gut feeling that something might be cooking up!

The three gentlemen posted portraits of themselves at around 6 pm today. Up till that point, it was totally fine. However, it wasn’t fine when we read the captions. They all wrote the exact same caption with the exact same hashtag “#عيش_الدور“. Hmm.. What could they possibly be up to? Is it a new TV show? A new series? A new movie possibly? You guys are already driving us crazy and we’re dying to know what’s up.

WE SAID THIS: Any wild guesses out there?