We Asked Foreigners What They Thought of This Mohamed Ramadan Picture, Here’s What They Said

Via Mohamed Ramadan,
Via Mohamed Ramadan.

Mohamed Ramadan is an Egyptian actor, fashion icon, but most importantly, he’s an Ostoora. His posts on Facebook usually get a lot of people talking. Only yesterday, he posted a picture of him carrying the heads of two decapitated cows with the caption: “The two cows that are closest to my heart. Happy Eid, everyone.”


Via Mohamed Ramadan.
Via Mohamed Ramadan.


Via Mohamed Ramadan.


Via Mohamed Ramadan.


Via Mohamed Ramadan.

Of course, most Egyptians and Arabs showered him with nice comments and wished him a happy Eid back. I, for one, didn’t think anything when I saw Ramadan’s post. Being Egyptian comes with the superpower of being used to the sight of blood and animals being slaughtered. But I stopped for a second and wondered what would a foreigner think of this picture if they saw it. Yes, a khawaga. I’ve asked a few foreigners about what they thought when they saw this picture and here’s what they said.



“I’m a khawaga, haha, but I’m also Muslim. Me and my family participate in this ritual but we never take pictures of it.” – Adam


“How has Facebook not taken down this picture already?” – Mel


“I read an article on your site the other day about whether kids should be exposed to this sort of thing. Absolutely not.” – Henry


“Does this get you closer to God?” – Rachel


“Even Donald Trump wouldn’t do this…” – Nelly


“I got invited by my Egyptian friend on the first day of Eid to witness a cow being slaughtered. They gave it a clean death. I respected the whole thing, but I’m not sure I would attend another one of these events. Saying it was too much for me is an understatement.” – Hannah


“This is just too barbaric.” – Mark


“I usually don’t leave my house during Eid in Cairo to avoid seeing this sort of thing.” – Tala



WE SAID THIS: Let us know, whether you’re a foreigner, Egyptian or Arab, what you thought of this picture.