Artists to Follow: Unorthodox Jewelry designer Nadine Ghosn

Bored of the old mundane rings and necklaces? You can’t relate to basic and classic jewelry designs? Do you want the perfect bling for summer time?

Then you need to follow the fresh, young and unorthodox designer, Nadine Ghosn.

Born in US and of Lebanese-Brazilian descendant, Ghosn is the latest sensation that has garnered a lot of attention. After majoring in both Art and Economics at Stanford University, Ghosn started working for BCG’s Luxury Practice Group in NY, followed by a 2-year management track program for Hermes.

The artist has never been one to follow the rules or fit into a mold, hence launching a line of peculiar pieces.

From vegan burger and sushi roll rings, too low battery signals turned into pendants, Nadine Ghosn’s Fine jewelry turns everyday items into glamorous pieces. May I add, this is perfection for food lovers and all Lebanese craftsmanship.

Check out some of Nadine Ghosn Fine jewlery designs and try to curb your appetite:

Seven layer vegan burger ring

Low battery necklace

Shut up earrings

Maki sushi ring

Via Nadine Ghosn

Sushi and edamame charms

Headphones necklaces

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