Mo Salah’s Anti-Drug Ad Could be the Best Thing You’ll See This Ramadan!

Via YouTube

One of the biggest challenges that face a considerable amount of youth in Egypt is drug addiction. The Addiction Treatment and Abuse Fund is a national institution that does its best to fight and decrease the rates of people who abuse drugs in the country.

Their latest anti-drug ad features the international football icon, Mohamed Salah.

Mo Salah was featured in this year’s Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential peoeple in the world, thus choosing him is a great choice to make a real impact. The ad is brilliant and heart-moving, about one of his dedicated fans, who is sitting and giving advice to Mo in order for him to stay on his track of success.

Mo then agrees to listen to the fan’s advice if he’ll do the same.

This is not the first time that Mo Salah participates in an ad for the fund. He was featured in a similar campaign last year and did an anti-smoking ad with them this Ramadan, one week before the anti-drug ad was released.

Both of the ads are brilliant, very well-executed, and with the influence of Mo, it’s guaranteed that they’ll change the lives of thousands of his fans.

WE SAID THIS: Just imagine how many of his fans will be influenced by this ad!