Arab Climbing Reaching New Heights With Ascent

Living along the valley of the Nile, Egyptians don’t come to mind when you think of mountain climbers. Despite a lack of elevations on the mainland, Sinai and the Red Sea coast have some of the prettiest mountain ranges in the world, which is where Ascent Egypt, a rock-climbing gym is set to host their next Climb Battle in October.

Housing one of the biggest indoor climbing gyms across Egypt, Ascent offers a chance for both beginners and experts to truly hone their skills with the group organizing outdoor events both in Egypt and abroad.

Via Ascent Egypt

Nature-oriented activities like hitchhiking and mountain climbing are garnering interest with an ever-growing list of Arab mountaineers scaling Mount Everest like Suzanne El Houby from Palestine, the first Arab woman to do so. The highest peak in the world is usually not enough as most climbers go for the Seven Summits (the seven highest mountains on every continent) and if that’s not enough the mountains of the Arab world are enough to keep climbers busy for years on end.

If you’re in Dahab on October 6th, then be sure to head to the Blue Lagoon to check out the contest yourself.

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