Celebrate Afro Hair Day With A New Look

World Afro Hair Day is coming up so here are some Afro hairstyles for both men and women that you might want to try out in the future.

Contrary to what many think about Afro hair, this isn’t one style, namely the classic 1970s big ball of hair.

The secret behind a great afro style is a bit of patience. Knowing how to identify and care for the different types of curly hair out there is a learning curve so be sure to keep an Afro pick on hand.

Tips that are to be applied across the board include hydration of both the hair and body, skipping the chemical treatments, and also watch your hair tips! Natural hair is prone to breakage and frayed ends so using wide combs and keeping an eye on your split ends is essential.

All this work and much more may not be easily applied alone at home, so we recommend an expert to help guide you and work on your hair, these hair stylists in Cairo can help: S. Curls, The Curly Studio, Shomous Rasta Braids, Twins Rasta, The Rasta Zone, Curled Sisters Salon, Rasta Woman, and Haredy Dreadlocks.

The Classic Afro

A popular choice for both genders since the 1970s, this big ball of hair became a fashion icon sported by countless celebrities, even fictional characters appearing in many famous pop culture media. Needless to say, for guys this one might take a bit until your hair is long enough and for the ladies perming is the way this gets done.

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Flat Top

Appearing in the late 80s, going strong well into the 90s and making a comeback recently. This particular style definitely needs a barber’s touch. Usually accompanied by a fade on the sides to make the head more pronounced, some other modern spins on this cut make it more curved than boxy at the top.

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This hairstyle is probably one of the more intricate ones on the list, employed by both sexes, the cornrow needs constant grooming and upkeep. Even though popularized by rappers in the 90s this hairstyle has been in existence in Africa since 3,000 BC depicted in ancient Egyptian tombs.

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Ponytail Afro Hairstyles

This little twist on the normal full afro involves tying the top part of the Afro in a bun.
Simple yet effective, this style protects the hair tips from fraying and breakage while adding another easy alteration to switch between two different looks.

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The Twist-Out

Many girls with springy curls opt for this style combining dyed tips to add further depth and volume. Although a bit tedious, any girl can replicate that look at home by twisting the hair and the tighter the twist the tighter the curls. The twist out can also be parted from the side or middle for extra flair.

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Defined Curls

Thick curls can be dramatic but parted to the side it adds more eye-catching action.
Add a little gel to keep the curls firm as they are parted along the preferred hairline, just be sure to pick your good side.

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