This Is Why You Need Ergonomic Hair Shears

Ergonomic hair shears increase comfort and protection

While hairdressing is a career choice that allows a person to use their creativity to make others feel good about themselves, the job does come with a couple of potentially negative factors. One of these factors would be the possibility of developing pain in the wrists and arms, associated with all those precision movements that are needed to give the client a great haircut. 

In one study, researchers found there is a significant increase in the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome among hairdressers, with an estimated 74.3 percent affected by symptoms associated with the condition. Reducing the risk of this complication associated with a hairdressing career could be as simple as switching out your hair cutting scissors – and in this post, we look at why you need to consider getting your hands on a good pair of ergonomic hair shears. 

What exactly are ergonomic hair shears?

Ergonomic hair shears tend to have an appearance that may, in most cases, be very similar to that of standard shears. It is the small differences that may sometimes only be barely noticeable that make these tools so great. 

Ergonomic hair shears simply mean that the pair of shears were designed to be more appropriate for the task that it will be used for. In the majority of cases, a pair of ergonomic hair shears will provide a wider space between the handles and allow for a bent thumb in a position that is superior to a standard pair of these scissors. You get double swivel designs as well, including shears that allow certain parts of the handle to be moved as you go about cutting the client’s hair. This helps you gain a much more significant level of control over the shears and gives you greater versatility in terms of what you can achieve. 

The benefits of buying ergonomic hair shears

Many hairdressers do not realize just what an impact getting their hands on a pair of ergonomic hair shears could have. In fact, a research study that was led by the University of North Carolina at Asheville, along with researchers at the Kansas State University, proved that the use of a truly ergonomic hair shear could have a significant positive impact on a hairdresser. 

In this particular study, a total of 44 volunteer hairdressers were analyzed. The individuals were divided into two groups. One group were given a pair of standard shears. The other group was provided a pair of ergonomic hair shears to work with.

Following the study period, there was a significantly lower level of shoulder pain, as well as wrist pain, among the hairdressers who used the ergonomic shears, compared to those who utilized the normal shears. 

With the right pair of ergonomic hair shears, it is possible to provide significant relief in tension and stress caused by the rapid movements that that hair industry tend to have on the following body parts:

  • Hand
  • Wrist
  • Elbow
  • Shoulder
  • Neck
  • Back

Furthermore, a great pair of ergonomic hair shears will also provide a much better grip and be more comfortable to hold onto. In turn, this would allow the hairdresser to focus on using their skills to provide a better haircut for the client, instead of constantly having to worry about how they are holding their shears. 

Do you really need a pair?

Even though repetitive motion injuries have been a particular concern among hairdressers and hairstylists for a significant period of time, there are still a large number of these professionals who are able to go about their daily routine without experiencing such issues. 

Those individuals who have no problem cutting hair and going about their routine without any issues associated with hairdressing often do not take a moment to think about what their future might hold. When a standard set of shears are used, a product that is known to contribute to these issues, then there is always the risk of such issues developing at some point in the future. 

Other conditions have also been associated with this type of career, such as:

  • Locked joints
  • Joint tightening
  • Muscle tightening
  • Trapped nerves
  • Tennis elbow
  • Tendinitis
  • Postural fatigue

By switching from a standard set of shears to a pair that was designed with ergonomics in mind, an opportunity is instantly provided for the hairdresser to reduce their risk of suffering these issues in the future. Prevention is always a better idea compared to waiting until these problems develop and then seeking appropriate treatment.

What to look for when buying ergonomic hair shears

Once you have decided it is time to invest in a pair of ergonomic hair shears, there is a couple of factors to take into account during the process. The very first factor to consider is how a pair of shears should feel in your hand. You want a shear that is not too short, but also not too long. Since we are on the topic of ergonomic shears, you want one that will provide you with an enhanced level of comfort in terms of grip – which means the handle configuration is one of the most important factors to look at. 

A good pair of ergonomic hair shears should also be balanced and should never be too heavy. At the same time, you do not want a pair of shears that is too light either, as this could make cutting through hair more difficult. 


Carpal tunnel syndrome and other related conditions are common among hairdressers and can be caused by relatively simple issues, such as using the wrong shears. We looked at why it might be time to consider switching out to a pair of ergonomic hair shears in this post. Even though you may not feel the effects of those frequent and precise movements yet, switching your scissors out now could help to reduce the risk of future complications.

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