Mohamed Helmy’s Mama’s Boy Comedy Tour Heading To Europe

Get ready because from Sept. 29th to Oct. 8th, Egyptian comedian Mohamed Helmy is set to take Europe by storm on his Mama’s Boy Tour. After selling out in the Middle East, he will be performing in London, Milan, Amsterdam, Vienna, and Paris so be sure to get your tickets through his website.

Via Instagram

For years, the Arab comedy scene has been dominated by second-generation migrants who made jokes about conflicting identities and social differences speaking to Western audiences. Helmy is part of a trend of rising local stars creating standups and roast shows allowing them to cater directly to Middle Eastern audiences with experiences close to their daily lives.

Helmy’s show is hilarious, combining interactive improvisation with the audience and tropes about Arab families and lifestyles. Note that this show is in Arabic and you can catch more of his work on streaming platforms.

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