From the Heart of Damietta, This Egyptian BMX Flatland Rider Is Making History

Via Ahmed Elmamony.

Ahmed Elmamony, an aspiring BMX rider from Egypt, is bringing Egyptians a whole new world of extreme sports with videos of his tricks on social media. In a recently released video on his YouTube channel, El mamony speaks of the struggles of BMX riders in Egypt, how there aren’t any Egyptian professional training programs, no designated training areas, and a market low on spare parts.

It is one of the most thrilling sports in the world, yet few practice it and Ahmed Elmamony wants this to change. The young extreme athlete wants to become a professional BMX Flatland Rider, to travel the world, and to spread the sport around Egypt.

Recently, he announced he will be releasing YouTube videos to help beginners with some tips and tricks.

Here are some of his works; make sure to follow him!

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WE SAID THIS: You’re making us all proud, Ahmed!