An Oasis In The Egyptian Desert? All About The Bn $ ‘Qattara Project’ Providing Clean Water & Jobs

In Egypt, lots of research has been done on what is known as the Qattara Depression Project. A macro engineering project that aims to develop the hydroelectric potential of a depression in the desert in a region known as “Qattara”.

The Qattara depression region is currently a vast, uninhabited desert. The idea of the project is simply to connect this depression with the Mediterranean Sea through a 55-kilometer-long canal to flow water into the area. However, the inflowing water would then evaporate quickly because of the desert climate. Flooding the desert into an 18,000 square-kilometer hypersaline lake, while generating hydropower.

Eventually, the water would then evaporate, leaving behind a ten-meter-thick salt pan. The project would generate jobs and provide clean energy but would cost billions. This way a continuous flow of water could be created if inflow and evaporation were balanced out. The continuous flow of water will eventually result in the accumulation of salt as the water will evaporate due to the hot weather of the desert, allowing for salt mining.

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