All About Saudi Director Hassan Saeed’s Short Film “Antidote” Set To Be Screened At The Red Sea Fest

This week at the Red Sea International Film Festival, the award-winning, consultant and Saudi director Hassan Saeed is set to unveil his 20-minute film “Antidote” which tells the story of a young boy, Aly who records a folk singer named Abu Hussain, using a tape recorder that belongs to his father.

The movie which takes place in the 1990s, is written by Ali Saeed, and stars Abdel Nasser Al-Zayer. It won two Golden Palm Awards for Best Short Film and Best Cinematography at the Ninth Saudi Film Festival 2023. The film narrates how the singer Abu Hussain will lose his voice, the effect of a throat surgery he underwent. Aly who is a fan of folk music, upon knowing of his favorite artist’s surgery that led him to lose his voice, he meets the singer with the last recording of his voice.

The film is set to be screened in VOX Cinemas on Wednesday, December 6, and Friday the 8th.

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