Cries Of Palestinian Children: Social Experiment In Spain Moves People To Tears

Thousands of people are trapped under the rubble in Gaza, facing an unknown fate, among them children whose cries can be heard but people on the outside are unable to rescue them. Videos and images of babies and children in Gaza hospitals crying from incredible pain are one of the realities of the genocide currently happening in Gaza.

In order for their voices to be heard, and their agony to be felt, pro-Palestine groups all over the world are keeping the narrative open. In Spain, a group of activists made a social experiment that moved people into tears upon hearing the cries of Palestinian children playing in a park, hidden within a box of photos of the martyred babies’ pictures and their stories among the flag.

The people who were filmed during the experiment were disturbed by the cries of children and kept searching for the source of the voice, and when they found the box, they read “These are the cries of Palestinian children who died in Israeli bombardment in Gaza,” which made them burst into tears.

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