A Sneak Peak Into NEOM’s Latest Gem: Siranna, A Hotel Nestled Between The Sea & Mountains

In the northwest part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia lies a region called NEOM, and it is like a city coming from the far future, only that it is not a city but a collective region or hub that enjoys different climates, unlimited access to nature, and high livability standards.

Via Dezeen

Recently, NEOM, a compound word meaning new-future-has announced its newest luxury tourist attraction “Siranna.” It is a breathtaking hotel situated on the Aqaba Gulf. Siranna offers an uninterrupted view of the Red Sea. Built almost like a cubist piece, standing on hexagonal pillars, it is an uncut gem emerging from the mountains that surround it. The secluded destination of the place offers an escape from noise and disruptions of everyday life. In addition to that, it comes with wellness facilities, spas, diners, and entertainment options.

Via Neom

NEOM is changing the game. Previous to Siranna is the famous project “The Line“. The Line is a city that cuts through 170 kilometers of land, it is 500 meters high and 200 meters wide. It runs completely on renewable energy and offers a far better alternative than living in traditional urban cities.

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