16 Arab Brands That Slayed London Fashion Week

This year was the first time countries like Egypt and Lebanon took part in the International Fashion Showcase (IFS) during London Fashion Week. Five Arab countries managed to bring their talents to the front row. Out of only a handful awards given by the British Council for the occasion, two were won by Arab countries! The Best Designer prize went to Hala Kaiksow, from Bahrain, while the Best Curation award went to Lebanon, which along with Egypt was representing big time with a whole room each, exposing amazing creations from emerging designers.

Here are the brands you must not lose sight of if you want to be the most up-to-date Arab fashionista in the world:




1. Bashar Assaf



By Bashar Assaf, a Beirut-based fashion designer.




2. Bint Thani



Designer Bint Thani’s work explores the changing architectural face of Dubai, her hometown.




3. Bird On A Wire


“Nawaret”, the title of this piece, is a beautiful greeting often used in Lebanon, which implies “You light up the room when you walk in”. Playing on the dichotomy of Lebanon, Bird on a Wire employed the cyanotype transfer technique, which is an old method used to print blueprints. It is performed partly in a dark room and partly being exposed to the sun. For this piece, light bulbs placed on the surface during the development phase, play on the exposure of the light by blocking parts, and letting through others, creating a random and mesmerizing haze. The piece itself, doubling as an over coat or dress, continues in our adaptation of incomplete pieces, and is adorned with a fiberglass necklace. The combination of both items reveals a silhouette that is seemingly blowing in the wind. #fashion #fashionlover #lebanesedesigner #beirut #blueprintbeirut #londonfashionweek #LFW #fashionutopia special thanks to @starchfoundation @arabbritishcentre @houseofronald

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The brand name alone should make you want to check out Rayya Morcos’ “new set of beliefs” from Lebanon.




4. Das



By Sevag Dilsizian, who makes Lebanon proud with his jewellery exposed in the “Blue Print Beirut” room of the IFS.




5. Hala Kaiksow



The big winner from Bahrain. She won Best Designer with the most amazing piece and made sure to dedicate her award to Arab women when she got on the podium.




6. La Terre Est Folle



By Joe Arida, from Lebanon.




7. Maram



By Maram Aboul Enein, an Egyptian designer whose work can also be seen in New York City’s showrooms these days.




8. Margherita



By Lebanese designer Margherita Abi-Hanna.




9. Marsouma



By Cairo-based painter, designer and overall artist, Nour Omar.




10. Mashael AlRajhi



From Saudi Arabia, the designer of the same name called her displayed piece “196”, which is the number of countries seeking peace in the world at this time.




11. Mira Hayek



Fresh and different Lebanese style.




12. Nour Najem



Dresses full of Oriental heritage and pride.




13. Reen Jano



The brand who brings back Pharaonic heritage to wearable jewellery.




14. Sabry Marouf



By Ahmed Sabry, a London-based head designer who created all of the accessories in the Egyptian corner. Watch out for the bags!




15. Saya


COBRA CAPE – #LFW #summersethouse #Egypt #Showcase #London2016 Interview #IFS2016 #EgyptIFS

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A swimwear brand to keep an eye on from Egypt.




16. Timi Hayek



From Lebanon.




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