Oppo Makes a Splash at Mobile World Congress 2016



In the land of food, Flamenco and football, the world’s tech super powers came together for an epic event, unveiling the latest in mobile at the the Mobile World Congress 2016. Thousands, including press, executives, and techies, flooded the streets of Barcelona for four days awaiting to see who was going to announce the next big thing in the mobile industry.

Mark Zuckerberg graced us with his presence, Virtual Reality took over our reality and Oppo made a surprisingly strong showing. As a San Franciscan, I’ve seen all the “innovative” and “disrupting the market” technology that ever debuted in Silicon Valley, so I was looking to find something different at #MWC16, something simplified. And lord behold, I found exactly what I was looking for at the Oppo booth. And I also found Messi — well, a cut out, at least.

IMG_3166I’m on my phone constantly to keep on top of my work with e-mails, phone calls and messaging. But with social media being a major part of my job, I require something a bit more. You know that girl standing in the corner charging her phone at an event? Yeah, that’s me. Having to run from the office to event to another event, my phone requires a lot of battery power, which my iPhone and power box don’t really cover.

Alas, I found the answer to my prayers: the VOOC Charge, which Oppo has created to meet the demand of people looking for an outlet. Later this year, Oppo will release the Super VOOC, which fully charges a phone in 15 minutes. Oppo, you feels my struggle! Now I have no excuse not to answer my mother’s calls.

Another part of my social media job and life that’s been lacking quality is my pictures (see Instagram for crappy photos). While I’ve considered getting a DSLR camera, I figure it’d be pointless considering it’s heavy, it’s expensive and I’m lazy. Like I said, simplicity is key, and here’s where Oppo won me over. Their camera phones are practically cameras.

IMG_2937Oppo’s phones offer a bunch of features that are cool, but the only ones I really cared for were the built-in beautify technology and the Smart Stabilizer. When I take (crappy) pictures, I usually end up with terrible lighting or a blurry photo. The beautify option on Oppo automatically corrects all the ugly details, including brightness, color and clarity to make the picture more like what you see with your naked eye. And the extremely useful built-in smart stabilizer allows you to take a perfect picture every time. Whether you have shaking hands, are driving a car, or an earthquake hits, the picture will come up crystal clear with the stabilizer, which replicates that of DSLR cameras.

Long story short, Oppo’s phones are basically built for millennials. Yas, thank you!




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