8 Arab Pop Culture Brands You Need In Your Life

From mesmerizing Arabic calligraphy to old school artists like Oum Kalthoum, Arab culture is rich in history and heritage to say the least. Thanks to our deeply embedded roots, the younger generation has not lost sight of our traditions or ancestry; rather, they’ve integrated their traditions into modern day style. Here’s eight Arab pop culture brands to check out:




Jo Bedu


The Jordanian based merchandise store was founded by two high homies in 2007. Since their launch, Michael “Meesh” Makdah and Tamer AlMasri’s shirts and hoodies grew from a booth at Friday street markets to a successful online store and two physical stores in Amman.




Sarah’s Bag


Sarah Beydoun one of the first Arab designers to revive traditional craftsmanship, embroidery, crocheting and textile making by integrating Arab pop culture and urban designs into fashionable bags. Since it’s birth in 2000, Sarah’s Bag have expanded to include clothing and jewelry and Sarah has not only been a major contributor to the fashion scene in Lebanon, but the revival of Arab culture across the global Arab community.






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Yisalmoo brought about a much desired Arabic stationary we’ve been waiting for. From greeting cards to notebooks, Yislamoo brings Arab language and culture to paper and our moments big and small.






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The Jeddah-based brand started in 2011 with a vision to revive Arab culture through current pop culture, with unique designs embodies takes on almost an Arab twist of Harajuku cartoons with their designs on clothing, totes, phone cases and more.






The Chicago-based Watan really brought on a true meaning to its name by combining Palestinian heritage and style together in one place for an amazing brand. Watan’s creatively designed jewelry, mugs, canvas prints, and tie clips give us our fill of Mahmoud Darwish, Edward Said, and the holy land. Why not go fancy with your personalized canvas prints? After all, we all love a custom-mug so put this principle to the test with your paintings! You could look into leonid afremov prints for sale on sites like Blue Horizon Prints in Australia.




Tamer Al Ahmar



Although we don’t know much about the man we want to decorate our house, Tamer Al Ahmar’s brand has us wanting to empty our pockets for everything on his site. I mean, who doesn’t want Abdel Halim rocking Beats by Dre on their wall?




Nadya Hazbunova


With her line of collections being shown in the Czech Republic, Amman and Prague, Nadya’s designs go above and beyond other brands with womenswear, T-shirt, and olive wood jewelry collections.






Founded in 2001 by Lebanese twins Mohamed & Omar Kabbani, Ashekman takes on the richness of both hip hop and Arab culture for an urban collection of street wear operating under the motto of #TheStreetIsOurs.


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