Where to Get Handmade Egyptian Products in Cairo

We are so consumed by European products and imported items even when it comes to the simplest things like accessories or home decorations. As a result, we forget to support Egyptian-made products that are not only unique, but also high quality.

Here’s a list of where you can get 100% Egyptian handmade products:



Al Haramlek



Al Haramlek is a pioneer in the Egyptian handmade market, offering exquisite designs and expert craftmanship woven with love by local women, from luxury table and bed linens to premium galabeyas.

Check out their Facebook page and website and visit their store on the ground floor at 11 Hasan Sabry St. in Zamalek.






Markaz is ideal for decorating a chilled out home or beach house as it offers beach bags, cushions and much more. Take a look at some of their products on their Facebook page or visit one of their stores in Zamalek or Maadi.

Zamalek: 4 Omaret El Yamany Street, 1st Floor
Maadi: 1b at the intersection of Rd 199 and Rd 233



Fair Trade Egypt


fair tradeee

Fair Trade Egypt is an organization that supports local artisans by selling and exporting their handmade products. You will find a wide variety of items, from home decoration to handbags and phone cases. You can easily reach them through their Facebook page.

They have a location next to Seoudi Market on Rd. 205 in Maadi and their main show room is in Zamalek, at 27 Yehia Ibrahim.
E-mail: info@fairtradeegypt.org
Website: http://fairtradeegypt.org/






Just like their name, they are all about beaches. They offer amazing products that’ll make your beach experience one of a kind. Just take a look at their Facebook page.

E-mail: seashellegypt@gmail.com
Website: http://www.seashell-egypt.com/






This is an online shopping website that features many Egyptian Handmade products that you will fall in love with. You’ll spend a small amount of money on amazing, ethnic and original hand-made crafts.

Website: http://www.jozeeboutique.com/



Egyptian Handmade


egyptian handmade

From scarves and shawls to leather bags, Egyptian handmade creates eccentric handmade products.

Contact them through their Facebook page.






Yadawee is also great when it comes to variety, offering clothing, glass items, bags and carpets. And, of course, everything is a 100% handmade.

Take a look at their selection on their Facebook page or visit their store at 90, 4th Touristic District, Juhayna Square, 6 October City.






You will fall in love with their products just as much as they’re in love with colors. Khayameya offers eclectic designs for your home and also for your wardrobe. They’re especially famous when it comes to cushions and bags.

You can contact them through their Facebook page.



Sami Amin



Sami Amin needs no introduction. Having made a name for himself with excellent handmade leather products, Sami Amin will always have something fascinating for you.

Check out their Facebook page or find out where their stores are located here.



Kaf Fatma



Kaf Fatma has a variety of all handmade crafts and products that will dazzle your senses. From clothing to jewelry to glass products, Kaf Fatma is the perfect place to find your Egyptian handmade items.

Check out their Facebook page or visit their store at 8 Road 213, Degla – El Maadi next to Crave Restaurant.






Bobbins provides a selection of handmade products that are perfect for your home. From towels and bedsheets to runners, handbags and many cloth-based home accessories, Bobbins provides limited-edition handmade products with a modern edge. With a love for patchwork and creative designs, Bobbins will make your home stand out.

Check out their Facebook page and order online or find out where they’ve displayed their crafty goodies.



Turath: The Egyptian Heritage Co.



Supporting local communities, artisans and artists, Turath aims to revive Egyptian heritage through 100% handmade products that are, as they say, 100% awesome!

Check out their Facebook page and see for yourself or visit their store in Zamalek on 26th July street next to Burger Factory.



Menn Baladha 



Focusing on bringing back Egyptian crafts with creative designs, Menn Baladha revives the art of Egyptian craft-making and produces handmade products with an Egyptian flavor.

Check out their Facebook page.






Mknoun is an online store for unique handmade products in Egypt. With Cash On Delivery service, they bring you the finest Egyptian art right to  your doorstep.

Checkout their Facebook page or visit their website at http://mknoun.com.



Oum El Donia



Oum El Donia is a magical place that combines high quality crafts and a bookstore focused on the Middle East. You can discover Egypt’s craftsmanship and handmade products as well as find Egyptian novels translated in other languages.

Check out their website at http://oumeldounia.com or visit their stores in one of the below branches:

Tahrir: 3 Talaat Harb Street, 1st floor, downtown Cairo

Maadi: 23 Street, off El Nadi St., behind Dina Farms Supermarket



Home & Beyond



Home & Beyond has a bit of everything, from fragrances to candles to furniture and paintings, you’ll find a variety of crafts at Home & Beyond with an Egyptian touch.

Checkout their Facebook page or visit their store in Zamalek at 17 Al-Mansour Mohamed St.



Nebny Store



Non-profit organization Nebny has branched out and is working on a project in the Manshyet Naser area, giving employment to less fortunate people who, in return, create Egyptian crafts in the finest quality and design.

To check out the products they have in store, visit their Facebook page.



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