10 Things We Can Do without at the Hair Salon

Going to the salon every once in a while is as inevitable as the sun shining every day. And there’s no denying that some hairdressers can work magic on you, be it a haircut or a good mani-pedi.

However, there are some things we experience at the hairdressers that we can definitely do without. Here are 10 of them:


1. Asking for a split-end trim, and getting at least half of your hair chopped off.



2. Having to wait at least 30 minutes before someone takes care of you, even though you’ve made an appointment.

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3. Asking them to not over pluck your brows, then looking in the mirror to see that your brows have been plucked to kingdom come.

joey friends waxed plucked eyebrows manscaping borderline gay


4. Getting your hair died a certain color, then two days later, it transforms into a completely different color.



5. The death look they give you when you imply that you’re not fully happy with the finished look.



6. Having to find an answer to this question: “Who did your hair the last time? Oh, they’ve done it totally wrong!” – when the real answer is always “It was you. YOU gave me that haircut.”



7. Trying to push the new “miracle” product or technique on you. For the last time, NO, I do not want a keratin treatment!



8. Giving them a picture of how you want your hairdo to look like, and then getting something completely different in the end.


And the worst part is they always say “Shoofy ba2a ya 7abibty, zay el soora bel zabt!” Just no!


9. Asking them to turn up the air conditioning, and having to hear “It’s already on the lowest temperature it could be on” or “Law 3alennah aktar men keda el motor hayet7ere2”.



10. Having to engage in an endless, pointless conversation the entire two hours they’re operating on you.



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