The Pope´s Visit to the Middle East

Pope Benedict XVI has winded up a successful three-day visit to Lebanon, where he has delivered a vital message of tolerance, particularly relevant in view of the current violence ravaging the region. The visit was not without incidents, though. In the northern city of Tripoli, where one demonstrator was killed, angry mobs, following the example of […]

Discovering MENA: Nobody is Innocent These days

We all know a ridiculous film (“Innocence of Muslims“) has sparked a heated reaction throughout most of the Muslim World, outrageously entailing the deaths of four people in Libya, other deaths in other countries, and dozens injured elsewhere, as María Sánchez Muñoz reported on her note. These events are also fanning debates on various issues: […]

Maria’s Note: Morsi’s Historical Visit to Iran – The World is Watching

On August 30, Egypt’s first democratically-elected president, Mohamed Morsi will visit Iran to attend the Non-Aligned Movement summit. During this meeting, designed to support developing nations, Egypt will hand the leadership of the movement to Iran.  However, the encounter is now under high scrutiny from the side of political analysts and media as it could […]

Maria’s note: Enough is enough

I am not Egyptian, but I live in Egypt. And I truly love this country; people’s hospitality, the atmosphere, the hidden places, the music, el foul we altaameya, the thousand-year-old traditions, the continuous surprises, the variety…almost everything about it. But there is something I profoundly dislike; something that can suddenly ruin the most pleasant day. […]

Maria’s note: Uncertainty is the only certainty

In exactly one week from today, on 14 June, Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court will begin hearing the Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission’s appeal regarding the Corrupting Political Life Law known as the Political Disenfranchisement Law. The draft legislation set that none of the members who held top positions during Mubarak’s regime could be authorized to enter […]

Maria’s Note: The Fate of the Tyrants

Since 17 December 2010, when the Tunisian Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire for a better future, the Middle East has been turned upside down from East to West.  Since then, the contagious desire for freedom and democracy has gotten to all Arab countries and, for better or for worse, the archaic ruling systems have […]

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