The Wonders of the Middle East: A Visual Guide

The Middle East is a grand, epic foundation of ancient civilizations, rich history, and is home to some of the most hospitable people. History in the Middle East is not something you read in your textbooks or encyclopedias. The stories and ancient enriched culture has been passed on through carvings, tombs, religious scriptural teachings, and traditions.

The major cities of the Middle East include Jerusalem, Esfahan, Cairo, and Istanbul, which boast historical architecture that distinguishes the main faiths followed there, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The secular and openhearted environment of souks’ charms and bazaars seem to represent the truest picture of how it actually is in the Arab world.

Natural wonders are also no less than the historical factor that contributes to signifying these countries. Beyond architectural and city limits, the Middle East is a land of mighty rivers like the Nile, deserts like Wadi Rum and green mountainous landscapes of exceptional beauty.

We have listed below some of the must-visit places around the Middle East for you to explore and to experience the authenticity of the Arab World through this visual guide. If you plan to travel anytime soon, consider Emirates airlines for the best flight experience; apply the Emirates promo code when you are booking your flights to any Arab country.

Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat, located in eastern Turkey near the Armenian and Iranian borders is a breath-taking natural site to witness. Surrounded by green meadows, excellent climate, and partly snow-capped peaks is surely nature’s blessing. If you love adventure, you will need a permit to climb the mountain, which will be obtained for you by your guide.


The stunning city of stone is located in Jordan and is one of the 7 wonders of the World. The city of ancient Nabatean Kingdom still stands tall and magnificent for the people to acknowledge. Being the most famous archeological site with rich architecture and history, this place is a must-visit. John Lewis Burckhardt, who rediscovered Petra 200 years ago from today, founded the city. To experience this remarkable city of royalty, consider Air Arabia airlines to book your flights, with their Air Arabia promo code, you can purchase flight tickets at great prices.


Isfahan is another place that attracts millions of tourists and worshippers of Islam from around the world. Masjid El Emam is a must-visit for those who love ancient architecture and are interested in the history behind it. Shah Abbas, King of Safavid Dynasty was the one who turned Isfahan into his capital and then commanded the square to be extended to its present size to set the lovely buildings around it. The length of the square is 500 meters from north to south, and its width is about 150 meters from east to west.

Egypt’s White Desert

The White Desert is the most well-known destination in Egypt. Conflicting the mainstream idea of the typical image of a desert, it is completely unique. The number of extra-ordinary and beautifully carved rock formations shaped in the form of giant mushrooms and pebbles are unrivaled in any desert of the world. Even though there are limited safari tours and packages, Farafra is the perfect destination for an overnight journey into the infinite charm of whiteness.

Ramallah, Israel & the Palestinian Territories

Not as fancy as other metropolitan cities in the Middle East, but Ramallah delivers energy despite the conflicts of two nations. Proudly Palestinian, the city has some of the finest cafes, bars, and even breweries around. The city reminds us that the Palestinians are catching up with life with real urban buzz even as the politicians fail to deliver peace. The city is also a base for visiting Bethlehem, place of Jesus Christ’s birth.

Forget Europe this vacation and head to explore the wonders of the Middle East. Find the real essence that is masqueraded with not-so-real facts. Visit cities like Dubai and Beirut, home to millions of expatriate residents and foreign tourists for the world’s biggest celebrations or Cairo for studying the rich, ancient history. Using Etihad promo code can help you plan your trip within a budget so you can have a soulful and wholesome trip.

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