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First Burger in the World Produced in a Laboratory

Could there be a solution for world hunger? As science progresses, options we aren’t too comfortable with keep popping up! Wrap your mind around this! The first Burger in the world to have been produced in a lab, has been consumed. You may be questioning, what does that mean exactly? Let us explain… The process […]

Syrian Nationals Now Require Visas to Enter Egypt.

From now on Syrian nationals must obtain a visa and security approval before arriving in Cairo. Sadly, people had to know about this the hard way, after Officials at Cairo International Airport refused an inbound Syrian Airlines plane and requested it fly back to Latakia with all its passengers on board. Syrian Airlines flight number […]

Arts-Mart Summer Exhibition Event

We had the pleasure of being invited to the biggest summer exhibition in Cairo, Arts-Mart. Which is considered the largest online arts-gallery in the region,  the organization was celebrating the outstanding work of some of the top and most exciting artists in town. By hosting an extensive summer exhibition at the Four Seasons, Nile Plaza […]

Look at this Instagram

The routine starts again. You arrive at work, check your email, and explore the internet for a bit while you drink your morning coffee. I call this the “stay the fuck away from me” moment. I open up YouTube, and there it is, a suggested video pops up on the right hand corner called “look […]

Armed robbers wearing burkas hit department store Muhammad Samir

Ad-Dicted: Samsung Galaxy S4 Stare Down Contest!

In Zurich, Switzerland, Samsung in association with Swisscom has been offering free Galaxy S4 handsets to anyone who can complete a stare down contest with an S4! The challenge goes by the name ‘All Eyes on the S4’, in order to win the phone contesters have to keep their eyes on the phone for 60 […]

Your Next Phone!

So this has been an all time struggle for all of us, what will my next phone be? Should I get the iPhone, Android, or the new Blackberry? What we are planning to do is show you the benefits of the recent phones in the market, but before we start let me just tell you […]

Be Thankful

A couple of days ago, I was walking home after I finally found a place to park my car, typical Cairo streets. I spent two hours from the fifth settlement till Maadi and another half an hour finding a place to park. I was exhausted and angry. On my way home there is a small […]

Soma Bay Kite Surfing Championship

We had the pleasure of being invited to Soma Bay to cover The Kite Surfing International Competition of 2013 and we have to admit that it was just the perfect weekend for us!The competition was fantastic ,the weather was great, and it was all around great to see some of the world’s most talented athletes. […]

Human Beings Are Wonderful Creatures

Yeah I know the title is silly, but it is really true we are wonderful creatures. I was playing around on YouTube the other day, when I came across a video named “50 People 1 question.” It is a simple project where a group of young people go to different locations, ask fifty people the […]