Be Thankful


A couple of days ago, I was walking home after I finally found a place to park my car, typical Cairo streets. I spent two hours from the fifth settlement till Maadi and another half an hour finding a place to park. I was exhausted and angry.

On my way home there is a small mosque. I was walking by and after the evening prayer two older men were walking together slowly and hanging on each other.

I overheard one of them asking the other how are you and the other man simply replied: El Hamd Lelah 3ala El Ne3ma..
And then it hit me. An inner voice inside of me just shouted: Why are you whining?

These men were struggling to go back home which is steps away from the mosque.
After I went home I felt a relief I have never felt before. I am thankful for every blessing I have in my life. I felt so stupid that I have  all these things in my life and I still wanted more.

What I am trying to share here is a story that moved me as an individual and it might not work for you. But take a second to ask yourself. Couldn’t it be worse?

I dare you to dig deep into someone’s life you want to live in his shoes and you will find something he or she would kill to give it all to have that small thing.

When you see someone who is so into his looks don’t envy him, he may be hiding something behind all that looks and glamor. When you hear someone laughing all the time don’t say that he is a silly person he may be hiding his sadness with a fake smile. When you see someone who is going out all the time don’t assume he or she has an empty life he might be just lonely.

Be thankful for what you have, count your blessings and dream but don’t make your dreams too greedy and don’t let anger drive you.
Stop whining for crying out loud!