Arts-Mart Summer Exhibition Event


We had the pleasure of being invited to the biggest summer exhibition in Cairo, Arts-Mart. Which is considered the largest online arts-gallery in the region,  the organization was celebrating the outstanding work of some of the top and most exciting artists in town. By hosting an extensive summer exhibition at the Four Seasons, Nile Plaza in Cairo, the organization aims to introduce a modern take on the social, cultural and political environment.

By tickling the collective consciousness of the modern-day individual, simultaneously exposes over 200 different pieces of art during the exhibition, making it the largest collection displayed to date. By selectively gathering the dedicated work of visionaries & artists for public display, promised to inspire, and it did just that.

The Summer Exhibition has attracted local and international media, art connoisseurs, artists, VIPs. The event began at 12 pm on June 11th, 2013 and ended at 10pm.

For those of you who don’t know About, they are an Egyptian initiative and a gallery that acts as the gateway to today’s modern and contemporary Egyptian visual arts scene.

Arts-Mart.Com aims to provide a cultural, social and  political voice to the Egyptian people by becoming the most proficient way to address our modern consciousness. Art reflects the diversity of the Egyptian experience and its various ideologies. It is an honest view of the essence of the Egyptian character which has largely remained constant through time.

Arts-Mart owns and operates the biggest online gallery in Egypt and the region. The online collection is by far largest in the region and is currently in excess of 500 pieces, allowing art lovers around the world the exclusive access to the best of today’s work at their own convenience. Like most international websites, they provide secure online payment and worldwide shipping. The resale boutique allows for clients opportunities to buy and sell pre-owned pieces, often by masters of their genre.

Arts-Mart works closely with a large and diverse network of artists, housing contemporary giants of Egyptian art alongside up-and-coming talents which are handpicked and nurtured.

Like their home country, the artists are multi-faceted, deep-rooted and exciting. Their pieces are inspired and their art truly unique. Arts-Mart strides to provide an open, unbiased, wide-ranging and transparent look into Egyptian art today.

While gazing over the amazing pieces, we got a chance to catch up with Ms.Lina Mowafy, Co-founder of Arts-Mart, when asked to explain the project in a nutshell: “Arts-Mart was created to bridge the gap between artists & art-lovers. We stride to present a true reflection of the current contemporary Egyptian visual arts scene with full transparency on all sides. With more than 700 works, we cover a wide range of styles & prices. We also provide an accessible channel for emerging artists to sell their work all year-round. We can also commission artwork for special requests (residential or commercial).

We aim to become the gateway to the Egyptian visual arts scene and we hope to help promote our art worldwide. We believe art gives a powerful voice to our people and we will continue to spread our message of art.”

We Said This: Now that’s what we’re talking about, a one stop arts spot!