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What the Eff, World? Part 11

Ten years on, the repercussions of the US-led invasion of Iraq are still being felt. This is partly because the foreign troops haven’t left, yet. But Iraq has become old news. Nobody is outraged anymore or raising their voice in revolt. The focus has shifted from the plight of the Iraqi people to the plight […]

What the Eff, World?

As always, the world never seizes to amaze me. That’s why I absolutely love Russia. The kind of things that you’d expect from an Ian Fleming novel or a Bourne movie are still alive and well in mother Russia. Secret assassinations and mysterious disappearances are regular occurrences. The ones to really look out for former […]

WTF, World? Part 10

Maybe I’m getting old but I remember a time where social networking sites were about sharing and communicating (enter a Pepperidge Farm meme here for all you 9gag fans). That’s why I’m a little disturbed by a couple of trends, one being fatally serious and the other only being slightly concerned. The first one is […]

What the Eff, World? Part 9

Just like fashion, news topics also follow particular trends. Over the last couple of years, Europe has been about money problems and sex scandals, Africa centered mainly around military coups and kidnapping foreigners, and the Middle East always brought us the best in conflict, sprinkled with a little Arab Spring. One region that rarely receives […]

WTF, World? Part 8

If you’ve been watching Breaking Bad then you must be familiar with the “Yeah, science bitch” meme. Other than the fact that it’s hilarious, it’s also more relevant than ever.  It’s a lifelong love-hate relationship. I, for example, hate technology but here I am communicating with you through the interwebs. So in the first piece […]

WTF, World? Part 7

I am the anti-Oscars, I’m not interested or even remotely curious about the winners. This is despite the fact that I LOVE movies. Thing is though, the ceremony stopped being about movies years ago. I also kind of lost faith in the whole thing when Chicago won best picture back in 2003. I mean really? […]

WTF, World? Part 6

The Wikipedia entry for ‘time’ describes it as “a dimension in which events can be ordered from the past through the present into the future.” I know certain scientists could argue with me on this definition for years to come, but I am a simpleton and very satisfied with this simple definition. The point I’m […]

What the Eff, World? Part 6

Just the mention of the word ‘news’ can seriously depress me these days. Most of the time I don’t want to read it, see it, or hear it, unless of course you put the word ‘odd’ in front of it. Take a look at some of this week’s stellar headlines: –          “Sweden crowns horseshoe champions” […]

WTF, World? Part 5

Comedian Russell Peters once predicted that the whole world will become beige in the future. But as we become more and more globalized there are still some particular situations that remind us of our stark cultural differences. For instance this week there were two news stories from the music industry that are ridiculous on several […]

WTF, World? Part 4

It’s been a turbulent weekend here in Egypt and at the end of the day all I can say is “what the f***?” People dying has become an everyday occurrence; accidents, fires, tear gas, and violence has become part of our new reality. A situation that we had hoped would not come to fruition two […]