ZOOBA is Going Regional: 20 Branches to Open Up in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain!

Over the next seven years, ZOOBA is going to take over the breakfast scene in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom of Bahrain! Zooba announced their partnership with SADF Trading and Development Co. Ltd., and they’re certainly taking the brand to a whole new level; a regional one!

When the brand first opened its first branch in Zamalek in 2012, the goal was to have a ZOOBA brand in every major city in the world, and this partnership solidifies a huge milestone for this goal to come to life.

Saudis and Bahrainis will finally be able to taste the fan-favorite “ta3meya lamoon me3asfar” without having to travel to Om el Donia!

WE SAID THIS: Rejoice Khaleejis, Breakfast is about to take a giant leap!