UAE is Leading the Region in Alcohol Consumption and Here’s What They intend to do about it!

By Yasmeen Badawy

The World Health Organization report said that the UAE leads the region in consumption of alcohol. Dubai decided to start taking measures to decrease the consumption rate of alcoholic beverages to promote a healthier environment. New fees will be imposed on alcoholic beverages starting this Friday. The government will impose a 30 percent fee on retail sales of alcoholic beverages.

Via Telegraph

The Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism made this decision and will enforce the new rates from June 15. All major alcohol outlets in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain region like Spinneys, High Spirits, Eurostar Cellar, Gray Mackenzie&Partners, and Africa+Eastern posted this announcement all over their entrances and billing counters. They are now working on their new price structures.

Via TheNational

There will also be a fee of DH230 on drinking licenses issued for non-Muslims. The National says that The Special License Office is a government entity formed in April 2012, with the aims of updating and regulating all legislative alcohol-related matters across Abu Dhabi. It is responsible for issuing alcohol licenses. According to The National, the stores decided that “if a brand is now costing Dh150 then from Friday onwards, customers need to pay Dh45 extra. So, it will be Dh195”

WE SAID THIS: Dubai is trying its best to promote a healthy environment!