Your Ultimate Guide to Literally Staying “Cool” This Summer!

Most of us know by now that Summer heat can be more than a radiating sunshine and some excessive sweat. It can cause excessive dehydration, fever, and can lead to several skin issues beyond recovery.

That is why we decided to bring this super hot guide to keep you literally so cool this summer. But first, if you are looking for new ways to cool down your home, you might want to consider purchasing a portable AC unit. To see a range of different portable air conditioner makes and models, check out this guide from the Coolest Gadgets site.

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Fewer Items, Fewer problems

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We are aware that Summer fashion is all about colors and details, but always try to dress through the “Less is more” perspective. Fewer layers, just basics with fun colors away from dark shades, will be much better for you. Steer away from heavy fabrics and stick to light fabrics such as Cotton, linen, Rayon, Silk, Georgette, Jersey, and Chambray. The same can be said on shoes wear, opt for breathable lighter sneakers and comfier styles to aid you along.

Don’t be a Sunflower


Yes, they are the most beautiful but, just don’t. Avoid sun as much as you can. You have to fix all the previous love-hate relationship with your sunscreen. There are no more excuses, they have made so many sunscreens literally for every skin type, shade, and situation. For those who can’t stand it, you can go for a morning cream with SPF added and you won’t feel its heavy or anything.

Keep Everything Shady

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This is the time to bring on your shades game on. Its also the time for having a bad hair day and covering it with a hat wouldn’t be lazy of you, because you have to protect your face and as much skin as you can.

Elevate Your Water Game

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You know, if you don’t want to drink it, spray it. Seriously, keep thermal water in your fridge overnight and throw it in your bag before heading out. You are welcome, thank us later. Also, the same works with rose water. Regarding liquid water, always keep a water bottle with you, even if you don’t usually drink water that much, and try to consume fewer foods full of sodium and fructose.

Change Your Schedule

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There is a real summer clock out there. You can always prioritize your daily activities within the not so sunny hours. Always exercise either very early in the morning or late in the evening. Skip any unnecessary outings especially within the middle of the day when the sun is burning bright, and start exploring your indoor activities like Binge-watching, sketching or even play card games.

WE SAID THIS: Remeber, there is no such thing as too much perfume in this summer!