A Tour of Egypt’s Most Fascinating Museum Artefacts

With it being the oldest civilization in existence, Egypt is home to a very rich collection of artifacts that not only date back to the time of the Pharaohs but also to more recent times like that of the Mamluk era or the reign of King Farouk I.

Time for a trip across history as we showcase the coolest artifacts you will come across in Egypt’s museums.

Golden Chessboard of King Farouk I

One of the coolest possessions of King Farouk I, the tenth monarch of the Mohammad Ali Dynasty and the son of King Fouad I, is an intricate and detailed golden chessboard. Today it has found a home at The Royal Jewelry Museum in Alexandria.

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This special chessboard is made up of 32 pieces of gold featuring statuettes of people and animals. They are each decorated with colored enamel and studded with diamonds.

Ewer of Marwan

Considered a masterpiece of workmanship is the golden bronze ewer famous for its loud, crowing cockerel with outstretched wings. The reason why it is special is because it is believed to be owned by Marwan Ibn Mohamed, the last of the Umayyad caliphs. He used it for washing and ablutions.

This very ewer was excavated from around Fayoum near the burial place of the caliph. You can find this ewer at the Museum of Islamic Art.

Bust of God of the Nile

Meet the astonishingly preserved bust of the God of the Nile, Neilos, found at Alexandria’s Greco-Roman Museum. This artifact represents a long-bearded divinity with a muscled brow and light aging lines beneath the eyes.

These virtuoso sculptures of Greek divinities were made in specialist workshops that were probably located in Alexandria. They were made for a very sophisticated clientele in the Delta communities, as well as in Rome and Italy.

The Golden Mask Of Tutankhamun

This is the iconic funerary death mask that used to belong to Tutankhamun, the young Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty (1332-1323 BC). This means that it is one of the most renowned historical treasures of ancient Egypt.

You can come face to face with this funerary mask by hitting up the Grand Egyptian Museum along with exploring the grounds of one of the biggest museums in the country.

The next time you come to Egypt and visit either Cairo or Alexandria, you must go to the museums that hold these special artifacts so that you can stand face-to-face with them and uncover their history.

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