Your Go-To Guide To Recreate Viral Dubai Desserts at Home

By now, you must have heard about the gooey pistachio konafa-stuffed giant chocolate bars trending in Dubai. These treats have become so popular that many people are now creating recipes to make them at home. But why stop there?

We’ve decided to continue the trend by sharing how you can make Fix Dessert’s konafa-stuffed chocolate bar and other viral desserts at home.

Make Your Own Fix Dessert Konafa Chocolate Bar

Giant chocolate bars with intricate designs and delicious stuffing have been racking up thousands of likes across social media. Brought to life by Dubai’s Fix Dessert Chocolatier, they grew in popularity because they aren’t like the typical regular chocolate you’d find at a candy shop.

Instead, they are jam-packed and stuffed with exotic fillings that include konafa, latte, karak, and much more.

The hype isn’t just in Dubai. Now, people across the region and the world have been ordering chocolate bars all the way from Dubai. What’s more, dessert and candy shops in countries like Egypt have recreated the chocolate bar.

Now, you can recreate it at home. Among the many recipes available online to recreate the chocolate, we recommend US-based Patrick Zeinali’s recreation, which uses only four ingredients: milk and white chocolate bars, konafa, butter, and pistachio spread. Watch the video above to learn how to make it.

Recreate Parker’s Famous Matilda Cake

You have had to come across this very cake, whether on TikTok or Instagram. Massive and super-indulgent is Parker’s recreation of the famous chocolate fudge cake featured in Matilda.

It is basically three layers of rich chocolate sponge wedged between chocolate ganache with a sauce that slowly drapes over the cake once the metal triangle cover is pulled out.

It’s chocolate on chocolate on chocolate, literally every chocolate lover’s dream, one that you can recreate from the comfort of your very own kitchen. For this homemade version, you’ll need to use two recipes.

The first is to make the Matilda cake itself, which Jenna from Butternut Bakery makes perfectly using some secret ingredients like mayo, cornstarch, and milk with vinegar.

Now, once you’ve assembled your cake for the pull-out technique and rich chocolate sauce, you can watch Cooking Shooking’s video below. For the pull-out technique, he uses a clear plastic sheet taped together into a circular shape, which then gets wrapped around the three-tiered cake.

From there, just pour the sauce atop the cake using Cooking Shooking’s chocolate lava recipe and when you pull out the plastic, you’ll get that famous Matilda cake effect.

An At-Home Attempt At The Viral Peach Ice Cream

Coming all the way from China is the viral peach ice cream, which is these peach-lookalike popsicles made with peach sorbet-like ice cream encased in a white chocolate shell. They look like peaches, and they sure taste like peaches, too, which is what has been making them the latest food craze.

Now, they are available in stores across Dubai, selling out in minutes and turning Dubai residents into scavenger hunters as they attempt to locate the viral dessert. We want to make your life easier by giving you a way to try making them at home. Caution: This will not be an exact replica of the original viral dessert.

We found a cool video showing how the dessert can be recreated at home by blending cubed peaches, whipped cream, and condensed milk in a blender and pouring the mixture into peach-shaped silicon molds.

You then add wooden sticks to the mixture and pop them in the freezer. The next day, make the white chocolate mold by melting white chocolate with coconut oil and coating the peach ice cream with it. Then, dust them with strawberry powder. For the full recipe, head to this link.

Up The Ante With The DIY Viral Dubai Dream Cake

Coming up next is Dubai’s very own viral Dream cake. This isn’t just a slice of cake; it’s a 5-in-1 chocolate extravaganza, with the first layer being a moist sponge cake followed by decadent chocolate mousse, then a drizzle of chocolate ganache topped with melted chocolate and, as the final touch, a dusting of cocoa powder.

To dig in, you’ll have to crack the top chocolate layer to get into its gooey inside.

Okay, so you can actually make this dessert in your kitchen. There are many at-home recreations of this recipe, but the one we are going for today is by a TikTok user called Bdor.

In the video, she makes a simple one-layer moist chocolate sponge cake, which she then pokes with a fork and drizzles with a milk and coffee mix. Then, atop this cake, she pours a heated mixture of milk, sugar, cornstarch, tahini, and cocoa powder.

Then, for the final third layer, she pours in melted chocolate and places the cake in the fridge to set for three to four hours. For the final touch, she sprinkles cocoa powder on top. To see how the recipe is made, check out Bodr’s video on TikTok.

There you have it. No need to travel to Dubai, order online, or put your scavenger hunting hat on anymore as all those viral recipes can be made in the comfort of your home.

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