Timeless Adventures: Exploring Time Travel in Egyptian Cinema

Egyptian cinema has a rich tradition of blending fantasy and adventure, creating intriguing stories about time travel. These films captivate audiences with their imaginative storytelling, thrilling events, and amazing comedy.

Each film offers a unique perspective on the fantastical concept of moving through time, highlighting the creativity and cultural reflections of Egyptian filmmakers.

Here are some of the unforgettable time travel Egyptian movies.

Al Raqs Ma’a Al Shaytan

Directed by Alaa Mahgoub.

The film revolves around a doctor who returns to his home country, Egypt, after earning his PhD from the Soviet Union. During one of his scientific expeditions, he obtains two strange flowers, which he tests after noticing their peculiar behavior.

From them, he extracts a drug that enables him to travel through time to any era he desires. In the movie, he ventures into the past and travels to the future in the year 2030.

El Ghasala

Directed by Essam Abdel Hamid.

Via shahid

El Ghasala tells the fictional story of an advanced washing machine that also happens to be a time-travelling machine. However, its true offering lies not in the clean laundry but in the conflicts and ironies it brings upon its users.

Imagine a household appliance with unexpected and mind-bending capabilities. That’s a must-watch if you’re into creative ideas.

Samir We Shahir We Bahir

Directed by Moataz El Tony.

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Samir We Shahir We Bahir tells the story of three brothers who share the same father, Munir Al Khatir. Samir works as a stunt double for the actor Ahmed El Sakka. Shahir is passionate about music and known for his multiple romantic relationships, while Bahir hails from an aristocratic family.

Circumstances compel the trio to travel back in time to the day their father met their three mothers. Through a series of comedic events, the three brothers endeavor to return to their own time.

Resalah ela el-Wali

Directed by Nader Galal.

Via shahid

Resalah ela el-Wali follows Harfoush ibn Barqouq Al Rakabdar (Adel Imam) as he delivers a message to the governor to send supplies to the besieged city of Rashid by the English.

Along the way, he encounters a spiritual sage who sends him to Cairo in the 20th century. This initiates a series of comedic adventures and witnesses the country’s decline despite Rashid’s victory.

With this two-century time leap, Harfoush explores the modern world, accused of madness but steadfast in his mission to deliver the message to Governor Mohammed Ali Pasha at Cairo Citadel.

Dars Khususi

Directed by Sameh Abdelaziz.

Via ak.sv

In the 1950s, a young man disappears, leaving his children behind, only to be met with a surprise when he returns in 2005 to find his children have grown while he remains youthful.

This leads to numerous comedic situations arising from the differences between the two time periods. The events unfold in a comedic fashion as the man navigates the challenges of adjusting to the changes that have occurred over the years.

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