You Can Now Get a Social Media Influencer Diploma in Dubai!

Via The Social Media Monthly

The Dubai Press Club collaborated with the American University in Dubai’s Mohammed bin Rashid School for Communication (MBRSC) to create the Social Media Influencers Diploma Programme, the region’s first accredited diploma program for social media influencers.

If you’re not certified by Instagram yet, you can now have a certificate after finishing the diploma that proves you are a “Social Media Influencer”. The program seeks to train Arab social media influencers in strategic communications and enable them to produce effective content on social media platforms.

The diploma is expected to have a positive effect on the media being produced in the region. “The program was developed by an elite group of university professors with different specializations in media, strategic communications, journalism, and media innovation. It will cover all aspects of social media through six courses,” said the dean of MBRSC, Ali Jaber.

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