Three Outstanding Interior Design Trends You Need to Know in 2019

By Lamis Ismail

The tropical look is a combination of elegant and glamorous. The theme is back this year with some differences. The new trendy colors are nude pink, rather than fuchsia, warm mustard rather than banana yellow, and baby blue, plenty of white shades and green. We all know that the palm leaf print is the hottest design this year leaning towards the soft tropical look.

The furniture is directly inspired by nature such as wood, leather, and cotton. And the easiest way to get the look is by painting the walls nude pink, mix it with either white or sea blue, or stick to palm leaf wallpaper. Scroll down to get inspired by the new trends.



The Oriental look is all about its unique patterns which never get old, basically living up to the phrase “old is gold”. This trend is about blending two different palettes together. The main colors are slate black, chalky white, dove grey, navy and taupe. Oriental furniture always seems to be close to the floor; height wise.  


The global theme is mainly modern, all neutral colors, nothing brighter than the other, and nothing oversized where some piece is smaller or bigger the the other. Combining different prints goes in line with the modern/global theme as long as you’re using different types of texture such as wood, ceramic, and metal.

The heart of this theme’s coloring has to be warm and spicy with earthy tones, such as clay, ochre, terracotta, stone, and sand. And if you want to switch it and get the oriental look instead, all you have to do is to switch some accessories, print cushions, a reed basket, wooden shelves and a tribal wall hanging and you’re good to go!

WE SAID THIS: Life is always better when there’s good colors

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