Years After the Original Controversy, Zeina Finally Speaks Out About What Really Happened With Ahmed Ezz

The past decade was a roller coaster for both Zeina and Ahmed Ezz, especially after the story of their marriage and birth of their children broke out. There were years of lawsuits, allegations, accusations, and headlines where Zeina states that Ezz is the father of the children while he outright denies the fact.

The past year was a solid year for both stars, with Zeina holding the lead role in the successful movie ‘El Felous’ with Tamer Hosny, and Ezz leading the two blockbusters ‘El Mamar’ and ‘Welad Rezk 2’. And even though their story was all but forgotten, Zeina appeared in yesterday’s episode of ‘El Hekaya’ with Amr Adib, finally bringing to light her side of the story.

Both superstars are now trending across social media platforms, with the emotional episode going viral with millions of views on the internet and millions more who watch the show on TV.

Zeina talked about how they got married in 2012, how close friends and other people in the scene knew that they were married and that they didn’t announce upon Ezz’s request. She talked about how he requested that they travel to the US, and asked her to stay and give birth there, quit her job and that he’ll visit every two months and provide for them.

The actress went on to say that he was happy about the pregnancy at first, but then became indecisive and asked her to get an abortion. The emotional interview saw Zeina tearing up and talking about how she was afraid to die in her sleep from sadness.

According to EtBil3araby, the story was re-opened because Ahmed Ezz is filing a case against Zeina, asking her to choose another school for the children because the current one costs around EGP700,000 per year.

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