The UAE’s Must-See Landmarks and The Stories Behind Them

Since its establishment, the UAE has always been a hub for impressive skyscrapers and exciting places to visit. Here’s our list for some of the most prominent landmarks and tourist attractions in the Emirates.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi

Designed by Jean Nouvel, a Pritzker Architecture Prize winner, as part of a partnership between France and the UAE, the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi is a must-visit landmark. With design strategies like shade and natural ventilation, you will be struck by its light effects as soon as you enter. The museum opened its doors on November 2017.

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is known for being the only 7-star hotel in Dubai. With spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf, its beautiful architecture and extravagant gold-filled interior are sure to blow your mind.

The Opus

Shortlisted for the 2019 World Architecture Festival Awards, The Opus is the first and only building in Dubai designed by the late Zaha Hadid. The building has a unique “irregular void” at the center, differentiating it from other buildings in Dubai’s Business Bay.

Largest 3D Printed Office Building in the World

In 2019, Dubai entered the Guinness Book of World Records, after becoming home to the world’s largest 3D printed office building ever constructed, in 2016. Dubai has a plan to make 25% of its buildings 3D printed by 2030. According to The National, “The process used about half the usual number of construction workers, only 15, and generated about 60 percent less waste”.

Central Souk

Anyone who has lived in the UAE for more than 20 years has definitely seen Sharjah’s iconic Central Souk as it was constructed over 30 years ago. Also known as “El Souk El Markazi”, the souk contains 600 shops selling gold, jewelry, souvenirs, among others.

Palm Jumeirah

Shaped like a palm tree, this unique man-made island is home to some of Dubai’s top hotels and resorts. The island is the world’s largest artificial island and one of the most recognizable landmarks in Dubai. 94 million cubic meters of sand and 7 million tons of rocks were used during its construction. Palm Jumeirah is the first of three Palm Islands – Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, and Palm Deira).

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Located in the capital Abu Dhabi, The vision behind the mosque was to incorporate a number of Islamic architectural designs. The mosque attracts millions of visitors and can accommodate 40,000 worshippers at the same time. The mosque is the largest in the UAE, has the largest carpet in the world, and contains the third largest chandelier in the world.

via CNN

Dubai Frame

The frame, which is one of the recent additions to Dubai’s skyscrapers, gives you the chance to take a tour from a 150-metre-high sky glass bridge, and see both ‘old’ and ‘new’ Dubai.

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