The Hotlist of Arab Celebrities we NEED to See on Tinder

The past two days have been literally insane! Dolly Parton’s challenge (Facebook vs. Instagram vs. Linkedin vs. Tinder) has taken over social media with a lot of people, as well as celebrities, jumping on the nearest opportunity to create their own version of the challenge. So, with that being said, let’s give a little more attention to the Tinder pictures posted by Arab celebrities, with all the respect and love we have for them, but I mean, can they be more steamy and hunky? From Ruby to Nicolas Mouawad here we have listed the hotlist of our favorite Arab celebrities we really want to see on Tinder.

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🌻 Dress by my beautiful @par.hannahdagher

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🧡💚 #summertime #nancyajram

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