Yasmine Sabry’s Episode on Sahebet El Saada Reaches 700K Views in 1 Day and Here Is Why

Via Instagram

Apparently, anyone who’s hosted at Esaad Younes’ Sahebet El Saada becomes trending for the day! Egypt’s favorite TV host and actress, Esaad Younes has been on top of her game in the past few years and her TV show is leading all the ratings and views.

Her latest episode was with Egyptian Actress Yasmine Sabry and it seems that everyone is talking about it. One specific segment of the episode is trending on YouTube with more than 700k views in one day! The video features Yasmine trying out some Egyptian food while she’s blindfolded and trying to figure out what it is.

During the episode, the actress talked about several different interesting topics. She talked about how sports changed how she sees the world, what does she do to improve herself, and about her crush. She also taught Esaad some Spanish words in a very funny video. Here’s the entire episode.

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