10 Money Making Games Every Arab Man Should Play

Arabian countries are known for more tourism than online gaming but the truth is that online gaming is gaining popularity in several Arabian countries. What contributed to this popularity is the fun that online gaming offers and the ease of making money from these games. That is why we have gone to great lengths to compile a list of games that can earn you money just for playing them.


Earning extra cash has been made very easy with the Swagbucks games and app. Swagbucks guarantee many different ways of winning. Your gift Swagbucks’ cards or prizes can be redeemed at major retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Starbucks, etc.

One of the best ways of earning Swagbucks is by playing games like Swag Memory. However, you have to play these games every day to increase your winnings because there is a daily limit as to the Swagbucks you can win from every game.


Mistplay prides itself on having the best loyalty program for gamers. Mistplay offers varieties of new games to players every time. You earn points for each game that is played and these points can be used to claim free rewards like gift cards from popular retailers like Xbox, Google Play, Starbucks, Amazon, iTunes and so on. 

The games displayed on Mistplay are selected according to your gaming habits and preferences. In other words, Mistplay goes a great length to choose games that fit your preference. Mistplay is currently available at both App Store and Google Play Store.

Mega Moolah

Amongst all slot games, Mega Moolah is one of the most popular ones. This is due to the fact that it is a unique online progressive slots game that has had numerous jackpot winners who are selected randomly. Many gamers play Mega Moolah slots to activate their jackpot rounds. Although the jackpots are the major attraction of the slot, the symbols of the slot also offer some satisfying bonuses. You can choose and compare bonuses available for Mega Moolah here.

The animals in this game give you the highest rewards, while the alphabets give you average wins. The Lion represents the wild symbol and it can replace the other symbols except the scatter. All wins involving the lion wild are doubled. The Monkey represents the scatter symbol. Match five, four or three scatter symbols to enjoy a round of 15 free spins. All wins from free spins are doubled.


If showing off how knowledgeable is your weakness, then you should try HQ out. This entertaining game gives you the chance to compete and win cash prizes alongside having fun. 

HQ gives you 10 seconds to answer every multiple choice question. HQ is set to have the form of a live show. Players are required to answer 12 questions correctly to win the grand prize. In rare circumstances when more than one person answers all questions correctly, the prize will be divided amongst the winners. The prizes given to winners can be up to $400,000.

You can download the HQ app on the App store here


Just like scratch-off games, Lucktasticis is the game that aids your desire to make money without purchasing any physical tickets. With cash prizes up to $10,000, you are given the best chance to make some real money. Your winnings could also be exchanged for gift cards or other prizes. The payouts of Lucktastic are usually lower than 25 cents, but your cash can add up quickly if your win is continuous. Your won points can also be redeemed at the prize store.


Poker is one of the most popular table games. This intellectual game is fun to play and can be played by anyone because of its simple rule. Poker rewards real skill, unlike lottery and slots. You can earn as much as $150,000 on poker games. There are so many poker variations like Texas Hold’em, 7 Card Stud, Short Deck Hold’em, 5 Card draw, Omaha Hi-lo, Chinese poker, Razz and so on.

One casino site that you can trust to give you the best when it comes to poker games is Full Tilt. You can play all poker variants at this brand. A deposit of $20, will give you a reward of $30 worth of free play. Not only this, with just one five-card hand, you can trigger a wealth of prizes. Why not try your luck at Full Tilt today for entertaining and positive poker experience.

Swag IQ

Just like HQ, Swag IQ examines your knowledge in certain areas of life on a live game show. Just answer all questions correctly and you will be smiling to the bank. In Swag IQ, you are presented with some trivia questions and multiple choice answers for every question. You are required to answer each question in 10 seconds, if you fail to answer a question before the 10 seconds run out, you won’t be able to compete for the grand prize.

Even if you fail to reach the top, Swag IQ’s digital currency has been made available to players who answered some questions correctly and this can be used to get another chance to win the grand prize, or gift cards, or redeem for cash.


If your hobby is being amongst the first to play a new game and providing the game developers with feedback, then Bananatic is specially made for you. Game developers use this app as testing grounds for their new games to get reviews and suggestions on improvements. 

Bananatic creates a gamers fun community where gamers meet to talk about the games, game development, bugs and many more. You are also rewarded with the game’s virtual currency for participating in the games, writing reviews and advancing levels. Your winnings can be redeemed for premium games, gift cards and digital contents.

Brain Battle

Thousands of dollars have been given to several lucky players by Brain Battle. Brain Battle does this by sharing some parts of its advertising revenue with one lucky winner. You don’t need an in-app purchase to win neither do you need to play to win. All that is required of you is to download the app and play its games to collect tickets. You need one ticket to be in the cash prize drawings. The more your tickets, the greater your winning chances. You can cash out through Paypal money transfer.

You can download the Brain Battle app here.

Lucky Day

The Lucky Day app is popular for bringing the casino straight to the palm of your hands. All casino games including scratches, raffles, slots are available on this app. This app gives you the best chance to win cash prizes up to $100,000. Even if you don’t get to the top, you can still collect points that can be exchanged for gift cards at popular retailers like Amazon. These points are also used to enter lottery drawings, sweepstakes, and raffles.

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