Legendary Pianist Zade Dirani Took Over Mountain View Diplo and it Was Magical

Via Mountain View.


Okay, so, we’re not into ooh-la-la events, because a) you have to get really dressed up, b) look like a million bucks and c) nothing stresses us more than that. But when we found out Mountain View were bringing the legendary Jordanian pianist Zade Dirani to their inauguration in Diplo Ras El Hekma, we knew we had to go. Dirani demands to not just be seen, but experienced. He started with one of his popular pieces “Oman,” then moved to “Heya,” and mesmerized every single person in the crowd.


Via Mountain View.


To say we felt like James Bond would be an understatement. Guests were arriving in stretch limos and everyone was dressed to the nines. The ceremony was attended by ambassadors and diplomats from all over the globe, celebrities such as Mohamed Zidan, Moataz Abdel-Fattah and Sherif Madkour, as well as other social media influencers. Just before we were about to dig into our oh-so very Instagrammable food, a gorgeous figure took over the stage. The figure was none other than Lebanese diva Razan Maghraby. She, of course, introduced herself as the moderator, and we secretly squealed and had our very own “YAAAS” moment.


Via Mountain View.
Via Mountain View.


Maghraby expressed her tremendous admiration for Mountain View’s leading projects in the Egyptian real estate market. She also stressed on how everyone should “not to miss the opportunity and hurry up and book a unit,” as she will do herself! If we didn’t know any better, we’d say Maghraby worked as a real-estate agent. This time, we properly dug into our food, from the delicious canapés to the out-of-this-world main courses, regret-free desserts and more. It was well worth the wait.


Via Mountain View.
Via Mountain View.



WE SAID THIS: Kudos, Mountain View!


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