Sahel This Weekend? Here Are Parties and Events You Can Boogie At

Sahel season means that every weekend, there are going to be some highly anticipated events hitting the North Coast. The upcoming weekend, starting from July 4th, is no exception. Check out the awesome lineup:

July 4

Disco Misr At Kiki’s

Taking something we already love and recreating it in their own unique way, electronic Arab pop band Disco Misr has been breathing new life into old Egyptian classics. From reinterpreting songs from iconic figures like Om Kalthoum to mixing up iconic film songs like Mohamed Henedy’s Ayyah.

Now they are back at it again, kicking off Kiki’s parties with their July 4 set. Knowing that they just launched their latest album, we have a feeling you’re in for a treat.

Mostafa Hagag At Notch Beach Club

Ever since releasing his debut song “Ana Bat’ataa Men Gowaya” all the way back in 2014, Egyptian singer Hagag slowly climbed the ladder to fame. Today, he’s among the top 50 streamed artists on Anghami.

Bringing over his unique talent, Hagag will be hitting up the Notch Beach Club this July 4, where he will be joined by mesmerizing belly dancer Oxana.

July 5

DJ Hugel At Kiki’s

If you are craving some Latino spice, DJ Hugel has got you covered. The world-renowned French DJ has been spinning tracks since he was 16. From there, he climbed up the ranks to become the instigator of the Latin house movement.

Celebrating Latin culture, this July 5th, DJ Hugel is making his North Coast debut at Kiki’s with some of his best Latino electronic mixes. He will be joined by Egyptian DJs Aly Goede and Omar Azaar.

‘Bazar’ by Sasson At Sol Beach Bar

Since launching in June 2021 in France, ‘Bazar’ by Sasson has become a music phenomenon. Every week or month, it takes residence in clubs or venues with over 600 people, and it is all about celebrating emerging talents from Afro-House to any Deep-House category.

Now, DJ Nicola Sasson is bringing the concept all the way to the North Coast. On July 5, Sol Beach Bar will turn into a deep electric house venue where Sasson, Mont Rouge, and Rivo will take the stage.

Abo El Anwar At Notch Beach Club

Known as one of Egypt’s most beloved rappers, Abo El Anwar is one of the many artists who has been proving that rap is the country’s newest music power. Bringing his rapid-fire verses and epic hits like Blanco, you can watch him live this July 5th as he takes over the Notch Beach Club.

July 6

Ehab Tawfik At O by Michel Fadel

Bringing teen hits to the public, Ehab Tawfik knew how to earn the hearts of millions with his unique voice. He is considered an iconic singer who knew how to connect with Egyptian youth. Now, he is bringing his talent to the North Coast this July 6th at O by Michel Fadel.

These events are solely for the July 4 weekend. Stay tuned, as in the upcoming months, more DJs, musicians, and international stars will hit the North Coast.

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