Women Were Allowed to Enter This Saudi Sports Stadium for the First Time in History

Via Khaleej Times
Via Khaleej Times


Saudi Arabia celebrated the 87th anniversary of its foundation last weekend with a big program of concerts and performances, including a pageant operetta on Saturday evening that witnessed something historic. It allowed women to enter the King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh for the first time ever.


“It is the first time I have come to the stadium and I feel like more of a Saudi citizen. Now I can go everywhere in my country,” Sultana, 25-year old said to Reuters. “God willing, tomorrow women will be permitted bigger and better things like driving and travel.”


Via Khaleej Times


This might seem like a very small step, but at the same time, it’s quite a giant one for woman empowerment in Saudi Arabia.



WE SAID THIS: The festivities were part of a government move to boost Saudi Arabia’s national pride and improve the quality of life for its citizens.