Why Did This Lebanese Man Get Arrested for Having Shawerma?

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This week we’ve heard people say “death by refugees”,”death by Muslim immigrants”, but “death by a shawerma sandwich” is just another reason why the world is losing its sh** this month. A hilarious Facebook post by Lebanese man Kareem Marwan Salhab went viral after he shared how he was going to meet his God because of food.


Via Kareem Marwan Salhab


It was a cold rainy day when Sahlab decided he was in the mood for shawerma after his MMA training. Because of the weather, Sahlab decided to tuck his sandwich in his hoodie so it doesn’t get wet…which led to him almost getting arrested by Lebanese authorities. Because Sahlab is the luckiest guy in Lebanon, police officers stopped him as he was innocently passing by and almost arrested him for his sandwich. Don’t worry, they weren’t feeling hungry or anything, they just thought it was a bomb…



Read Sahlab’s full story below: 


So, I was on the way back home from my MMA Training and on my way I passed by Barbar. I decided to get myself some shawerma. Since it was raining and I still had to walk home I decided to tuck the bag into my hoodie to protect the sandwiches from getting wet. Now, my house happens to be near a certain Minister’s house, and naturally, there were soldiers stationed in the area.

As I was walking (also holding a bag with my stuff) I suddenly heard loud shout from next to me telling me to stop moving. From my side, I saw a soldier carefully reaching for his weapon as he asked “shu mkhabba ta7et jacketak wle!??” (what are you hiding under that jacket) and it suddenly hit me that the sandwiches tucked in my hoodie could easily be mistaken for a bomb belt in the dark.

I looked at him and told him “sandwichet shawerma”. He  thought I was joking as he didn’t change face while slowly getting more of his comrades to show up and shout at me. He said “fta7 jacketak 3al batee2” (show us what’s inside your jacket slowly) while being ready to use his weapon at any moment. The tension could easily be cut by a knife. So I also backed up and started slowly unzipping my hoodie to reveal the Barbar bag underneath.

All tension faded from their faces as they laughed and said “shu bek mkhabba lsandwichet ra3abet l dene ya zalame” (why are you hiding these sandwiches, haha?) and I told them that it was raining and that I didn’t want them to get wet.

Moral of the story: Don’t hide shawarma inside your hoodie. #deathbyshawarma




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