23 Signs Against #MuslimBan That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

US President Donald Trump’s executive order banning immigration from seven Muslim countries for four months, refugees for three months, and Syrians indefinitely has become known as the “Muslim Ban,” and everyone is talking about it. We’ve compiled a list of signs we’ve seen during protests in the US that just need to be shared. Here they are:



When people took to their own social media platforms and reminded Muslims that they’re not alone





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When people took over the streets and joined the protests all over the US to voice their opinions


#icondemnthemuslimban #refugeeswelcome

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if I’m getting a little too political for you then wake up! #icondemnthemuslimban

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We’re all fucking human !! #icondemnthemuslimban #NoBanNoWall

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#icondemnthemuslimban ? #fucktrump #youarewelcomehere ❤️

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#IcondemntheMuslimBan . If you’re in the neighborhood, make your way to JFK Terminal 4!!

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Lmaooo great poster. ? by @faisalbhuiyan_ #muslimban #letThemIn

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When this powerful photo reminded us of a time we thought we’d never revisit



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And when this guy redefined #NeighborGoals


Great man , #Respect? #NobanNoWall #MuslimBan

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Last but not least, when this protester had to say the most obvious and important thing 


Entdeckt beim Protestmarsch gegen #MuslimBan in #Washington vom SZ-Korrespondenten @matikolb

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