White Button-up Shirts Styled With a Twist From Arab Designers

Sarah Alblowi

As we start to say hello to spring, its refreshing style is in full swing. A classic, this transition piece enters our wardrobes endlessly. Super versatile, this basic blouse can take you from your job interview to a red carpet. We used one simple button-up shirt from Zara, an affordable easy to shop option, and paired it with different elements from various Arab designers to create a fashion statement. 

Via Zara

Kojak Studio Jacket

Via Instagram

A statement jacket of your choice is an easy go-to. Whether it’s a tailored blazer or a duster, you have freedom of length, style, and material; go crazy! Kojack’s ready-to-wear is absolutely breathtaking often sends a statement, which makes for cute Instagram posts. 

Okhtein Belt Bag

Via Instagram

The Egyptian brand offers belt bags screaming to be worn over a white blouse. Their leather bags come in a variety of vibrant colors which contrast with the white. The hand-free outfit will have you doing any type of activity in this bloomy spring weather. 

Ashi Studio Gown

Via Instagram

Bet you didn’t see this one coming! Yes, a white blouse can be worn to a red carpet and its a great way to turn a strapless gown modest and hijab friendly. There are no rules in fashion, and if you thought your white shirt was for the office, think again! Ashi Studio is a Saudi brand that’s been loved by Cardi B, Jordan Dunn, and Queen Bey. 

Bil Arabi Jewelry

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Oldest trick in the book, accessorize a white shirt with funky jewelry. What better way than our mother tongue, Arabic? These hip pieces are ethnic and rare. Cartier bangles are so overdone; wear this Dubai-based brand and show off some culture. This combination paired with mom-fit jeans and pumps can take you anywhere from drinks to running errands.

Nathalie Trad Clutch

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Statement clutches are a trend that came to stay. Although we’ve seen it with dresses and on red carpets, you can mimic the same effect by wearing a shirt dress and sass it up with your corky clutch. Nathalie Trad offers the finest handcrafted clutches to spice up your whole spring. 

All Things Mochi Top

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If you feel like a button-up is too boxy and takes out your curves, we got you covered. Topping a tiny sexy crop shirt or corset is your best friend. Again, an amazing option for modest fashion. The hippie and colorful brand Mochi is bringing the spring kick to your outfit. The energetic brand is a color palette, which makes for a vivid pop of color. 

Nafsika Skourti Pants

Via Instagram

Can we admire these fearless jeans? The chain belt is serving an early 2000s vibe. The flare cut denim with the visuals is unlike any Top Shop jeans you own. Throw on a blouse on top and you’re out the door, effortless, and stylish. 


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