Types of People You Encounter in Ramadan

Via Intrepid Travel

The holy month of Ramadan is just around the corner. That wonderful time of the year means it’s time for fasting, of course, reflecting on oneself, spreading positive vibes, and the dining tables generously filled with all kinds of food!

However, during Ramadan, we also experience a few unfortunate struggles; like bad breath, sleep deprivation, and people behaving weirdly.

So, let me introduce you to the types of people you will have to encounter during Ramadan!

The “hangry” one


Hangry is a state of anger caused by lack of food which changes one’s emotional behavior. We all know someone who gets angry when hungry; I am one, and the situation normally escalates during Ramadan. Those people get really moody but thank God, their mood reverts back to normal after the first bite.

The nap-taker


This is a very clever strategy some people developed to get through Ramadan. They sleep all the way from dawn to sunset! They’re only awake when it’s time to eat, only when it’s night, just like a true vampire.

The one with a lot of excuses


This person takes distance from all social activities, and his/her main excuse is, “I’m too tired to do anything because I’m fasting”.

The Halal Police


Let’s set this straight, the halal police exists all year long, but they’re more active during the month of Ramadan; it’s their moment to shine! Their main task is to judge everyone and everything on social media and in real life.

The overeaters


Food comas all day every day; this is what greedy people deal with throughout Ramadan! They overeat at every Iftar and every Sohor because they’re too afraid to be hungry. Although they regret their decision afterward, that doesn’t stop them from overeating again the next day!

The Planner


We all have to admit that our fasting day is fundamentally based on planning what to eat at sunset! But the planner is one of a kind; they literally plan what they’re going to eat for the whole week!

The one who keeps on complaining


Being hungry during Ramadan is a fact of life, but those who complain a lot like to state that they’re hungry about 100 times a day. *rolling eyes*

The resolution maker


Ramadan is a month of self-reflecting to work on our own flaws and try to become better human beings. But the resolution maker has to come up with a ‘to-do list’ will all the things he/she wants to work on. It can go from quitting smoking to eating healthier food. It’s a true inspiration if they stick to it.

WE SAID THIS:  Ramadan is the time to empty your stomach and feed your soul!