Here’s What Summer Is Like for Non-Sahel People

While for many Egyptians summer means moving to Sahel for two to three months, some still don’t consider themselves Sahel people. So what do these people locked outside of “heaven” do? What is their summer all about?



First, you have those summer jobs people who are all serious about their future and have absolutely no time to go anywhere or have any fun because life’s too short.





Then, you have a group of people who just disappear. God knows where they are or what they’re doing, so that’s just another mystery.




And you have the “I hate my life, why am I not in Sa7el?!” people. They will dedicate their time to stalking people’s beach selfies while seriously envying them. They don’t do anything in general to entertain themselves but curse every second of their existence.


those who envy



There are the girls who have sleepovers almost every day and just watch movies, makeup tutorials and do their nails. Who would want to risk breaking a nail while actually doing something productive, right?


sleeping over



And the guys who spend their vacation in ahwas playing Playstation or whatever… they really do get creative when it comes to summer.


guys that play playstaion



Summer is always full of action for those who decide to take road trips to Egypt’s deserts or explore the country with all of its beautiful sights and history. Now that’s amazing, can’t argue with that.




And while most people are satisfied with the Mediterranean Sea, others would much rather go surfing or chill by the Red Sea. Or maybe just try to hook up with Russian mozzaz.





People who train all day at Heliopolis or Gezira Club and will definitely get the tan every girl is looking for. The sad thing is that they’re probably forced to train all summer because mami and her friends meet up at the club every day to watch them.





Formet El Sahel people who forget about Sahel and only focus on the forma.





We can’t forget about the parents who are fascinated by Cairo Festival City and spend every day there with the BFF Shella.





Or the very busy dads who are always working and summer only means very expensive faturet kahraba because of the AC.





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