We’re Calling for More Airbnbs in Egypt and so Should You!

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Via Anemina Travels

If you’re a hard-core traveler, then you must be familiar with Airbnb. If not, then to cut a long story short, Airbnb is an online platform for renting short-term lodging. It’s a pretty popular accommodation option for travelers, mainly those traveling in groups. Mainly because you get to stay in a really nice place; there are all sorts of properties from studios or a room in a flat to lavish villas, at very affordable prices. Especially if you split the money, it will even get cheaper than a hotel bed per person.

Airbnb does operate in Egypt, however, it’s not as popular or known as it is abroad. If you enter Egyptian travel destinations, you might find options, but not the wide selection a traveler would normally expect. We believe that if the number of properties available in Egypt increases on the platform, it’ll be a win-win; here’s why!