Let’s Prevent Egypt’s Drinking Water Crisis By following Hezaha w Safer’s Initiative

Via Hezaha w Safer

No matter how many warnings about global warming we hear, we never really suck in the fact that we’re in actual danger. Hezaha w Safer, a travel blog founded by Sameh Saleh, Yara Yehia, Hatem Ayoub, and Ziad El Adawy, just gave us a reality check on earth’s future, especially Egypt’s future. The vlogger – known for a previous campaign encouraging women to travel solo- started a water-saving initiative inspired by Cape Town’s day zero.

After three years of drought, Cape Town’s water system is falling down in over 100 days. Currently, Cape Town’s citizens have access to 13.2 gallons of water per day. Experts predict water levels, in the six dams that feed the city, will fall below 13.5 percent of their capacity; effectively leaving the city dry. The country has been taking extreme measures to save every drop of water.

Just a matter of weeks ago, the date that Cape Town’s taps were predicted to run dry was 12 April. Luckily, Mmusi Maimane, leader of South Africa’s Democratic Alliance (DA), tweeted otherwise.

Hezaha w Safer team have witnessed the panic first hand during a trip to South Africa. Hotels are timing guests’ showers, pools are filled with sea water, people are queuing up in streets to fill buckets of water, and showering water is being re-used to flush toilets.

The vlogger was inspired by the city’s situation to warn Egypt of its future, as it is one of the most threatened countries of a similar fate. Hezaha w safer urges all of us to simply turn off our taps while brushing our teeth and while doing the dishes, since that such simple actions might help reduce the risk immensely.

“The positive reaction we received from the media so far has encouraged us to widen our initiative asking Egyptians to be pro-active and take action towards water conservation to avoid the fate of cities like Cape Town under the hashtag “اقفل_الحنفية” stated by Hezaha w Safer on their official Facebook page.

Watch the video below:

Day Zero…

كلنا عارفين مشكلة كيب تاون مع المياه ، بس عارفين ان القاهرة ممكن تبقى زيها؟ طب عارفين ان القاهرة مش هتبقى كيب تاون لو عملت الحاجتين دول! #مبادرةهزهاوسافر #شاركونا #اقفل_الحنفية تحديث: ‏‎لحد دلوقتي في اكتر من ٤٠٠ الف شخص شافوا الفيديو، لو كل واحد منكم وفر ٥٠٪؜ من استهلاكه للمياة في اليوم واللي بيتقدر بحوالي ٣٠٠ لتر يوميا، هنبقى بنوفر ٦٠ مليون لتر مايه يوميا. الرقم كبير بس احنا هدفنا اكبر، هدفنا ٥ مليون شخص، يعني ٧٥٠ مليون لتر ماية كل يوم ‏‎وكل اللي عليك تعمله عشان نوصل لهدفنا سوا:‏‎- تنفذ الفكرة معانا ‏‎- ت share الفيديو مع اصحابك‏‎ انت قدها ?

Posted by Hezaha W Safer on Thursday, February 15, 2018

WE SAID THIS: The simple act will save enormous amount of drinking water.