Vogue Arabia is Celebrating Lebanon During its Toughest of Times

By Nour El-Miligi

During the past few months, Lebanon has witnessed huge deterioration and instability, both economically and politically, and has only grown worse after the coronavirus pandemic.

The Lebanese people have been suffering job discharges, especially those who get paid per project and don’t hold a permanent position. And as a way to show compassion and support to all those who have lost their jobs amid Lebanon’s economic crisis, Vogue Arabia has decided to post a photoshoot portfolio honoring all those who have been affected during this time of tribulations, including Lebanese artists, art directors, photographers, and local Lebanese brands.  

The local brands that were credited included Sarah’s Bag, a Lebanese fashion house that offers handmade women wear, bags & luggage, products that directly empower women. Lebanon’s luxurious brand, Sandra Mansour, was also included, established in 2010 to mainly design glamorous bridal gowns and fashionable womenswear.

Hussein Bazaza is a brand named after the brilliant Hussein Bazaza, a young and successful Lebanese designer who’s known for his edgy style and unique combinations of colors. He has accomplished huge success in many red carpet events.

Maison Rabih Kayrouz is another fashion house that was selected by French Elle Magazine as one of the “emerging new talents” in 2011. 

Vogue Arabia’s perfectly curated photoshoots, framed in the beautiful streets of Tripoli, highlighted genuine talents indeed. It was such a kind, inspiring gesture to shed light on Lebanon’s artists by collecting and beautifully portraying their most artistic photoshoots for the world to appreciate and celebrate their work and remember all the potentials they had to offer during such difficult times.

During such hard times, the most poignant action for anyone to take is to find a way to support local brands to help bring life to them. From a humanitarian aspect, remember to always support your local brands, they are the ones who need it the most.

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