The Perfect Sahel Summer, Brought to You by Memaar Al Morshedy

For the past 35 years, real estate giant Memaar Al Morshedy has provided its clients with a clear strategy by introducing smart and creative architectural designs that are built on technical and scientific innovations, specially tailored to cope with both international design standards and the Egyptian market.

Memaar Al Morshedy has succeeded in becoming one of Egypt’s real estate leaders by providing access to premium locations all around the Greater Cairo area. With the aim to deliver on the promise of real estate solutions that provide convenience and luxury to clients from around the world, they allow homeowners to experience the true meaning of fine living with access to various luxurious services, amenities, and more.

via Memaar Al Morshedy

Moreover, in a continuous effort to support their clients in finding premium summer spots, Memaar Al Morshedy has decided to head to the North Coast, in the heart of Sidi Abdel Rahman, to enjoy the golden square features of the 1000-acre, newly built residential district, Zahra.

Imagine having a year-round second home in a compound that’s nestled between Hacienda Bay and Bo Islands; a premium summer spot overlooking the golden sand beaches, clear blue water, and mesmerizing sceneries, in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of the Sahel scene. So, instead of renting a house for just the three months of summer, you can now comfortably enjoy your own home with an amazing beach view that you can marvel at all-year-round!

With the significant contribution of experts such as Real Estate Developer and Architect Mohammed Hadid, Architect Raef Fahmy, and VDP Architecture and Designs weighing in on the project, this beautiful spot will feature a number of exceptional and unsurpassable amenities such as a commercial strip, an international hotel chain, water features, sports club, clubhouse, an entertainment area, football club, and a central park. It seems fair to say it’ll exceed all our expectations.

For some first-hand insights into Zahra, check out this exclusive live chat with Memaar Al Morshedy CEO, Hassan Al Morshedy, and real estate tycoon, Mohamed Hadid!

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