Tamer Mursi Announces 2021 Series Starring Ahmed El Sakka and Amir Karara, Directed by Mohamed Samy!

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t affect the intense competition between series in the Ramadan 2020 race. We had more than s few super interesting projects, and it already looks like the 2021 race will be even more competitive. A lot of big projects were postponed until next year due to the pandemic, some of the successful titles are getting sequels, and fresh projects are already being announced!

Arguably the biggest thing that has been announced till now, and what might turn out to be the most anticipated series of Ramadan 2021, is “Nasl El Eghrab”! The series was announced by media powerhouse, Tamer Mursi, Chairman & CEO of United Media Services, Egyptian Media, Future Media, D Media, Synergy Productions, Synergy Films, and Synergy Advertising.

Three names have been announced to be part of the promising series: Superstar Amir Karara, the legendary, Ahmed El Sakka, and the talented director, Mohamed Samy. No one can argue that those three already won Ramadan 2020, as Amir Karara’s “El Ekhteyar”, Ahmed El Sakka’s Game Show “Eghleb El Sakka”, and Mohamed Samy’s “El Brens” were all leading the ratings and views on TV and digital streaming. You can just imagine what the result will be when these three come together on a project with a producer like Tamer Mursi!

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